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   Few words about us ;
As a company, Binary Platforms Inc. has been serving the greater metro New York area for over 15 years, with the main goal of fully supporting our clients through our services, products, dedication and commitment. Within the past year, we have expanded our services through our sister company - Binary Platforms TN- to the middle Tennessee area.
Binary Platforms was founded on four simple principles:
  1. Focus on the relationship:     We do our best to understand the personality and expectations of our client, client organization, and all other stakeholders in order to achieve a more symbiotic relationship.
  2. Clearly defined role:     Defined roles and responsibilities for both clients and/or other stakeholders and our consulting team.
  3. Visualize success:     Helping our clients see the end of a project before it's even underway.
  4. We advise, you decide:     Our client is the best person to decide on the solutions that work best for them.
In a few words, all of the network infrastructures that we build have been given careful consideration to every detail that your organization requires. This has allowed us to ensure near 100% up-time for all networks in our care.
For our clients in the medical industry we provide one of the Award Winning solutions for Practice Management / Electronic Medical Records software, Henry Schein MicroMD. For more information regarding our medical packages and offerings, please see the services tab at the top of this page.
A few of the reasons clients choose our services and/or support:
  •    To gain external, objective advice and recommendations
  •    Temporary help during a one-time project where the hiring of a permanent employee(s) is not required or necessary
  •    To outsource all or part of the IT services from our company
  •    Sales: Final or Pricing comparison to other competitors
  •    Support contracts, inquiries, advice or questions
  •    General answers or advice if they are in commitment with other software vendor
  •    Planning to maximize productivity and minimize downtime
We pride ourselves in providing only the best quality network appliances, from SonicWall to Cisco firewalls, to custom built high end servers and workstations in order to take full advantage of the newest and best technology available on the market.
We offer full time remote/telephone support to help solve almost any software related problems as soon as they arise. In the event we can’t correct the issues via remote access, one of our highly trained and motivated techs will be onsite to solve even the most difficult and demanding of technology related quandaries.
Our clients are ranging from every day small businesses and retailers to Law or Accounting Firms, Auto dealerships and to some of the most respected medical practices in major hospitals such as St. Francis Hospital in Long Island/NY. We also extend our best efforts to provide for our local community, including working with personal computers, several local churches, and Family/Urgent Care Facilities.
We hope that you will find the products and services you need or simply the information that will help your business with any project you or your business might have. If you don’t find it in our site, please take the time to e-mail or call us.
Thank you for visiting, hope to see you again.
For PC sales, gaming cards, firewalls, servers and more please click here to visit our Webstore

Servers Design
Please choose from brand servers to custom built to suit your office environment 
Workstations Design
Workstations for day to day activities or running and accesing multiple applications and databases simultaniously
Personal Computer Design
Custom built PCs -
for light use to high powered gaming machines
  Founded in 1999, Binary Platforms' core has been building, servicing and maintaining local area networks as well as wide area networks for small to midsize businesses. Over the years, the company's efforts have been noticed by some of the major manufacturers/suppliers which we have been able to partner up with, ultimately benefiting the client.
Please visit our sales page as well as our Partners page for ideas or ways that can benefit you as well. 
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